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The detail information about the practice time schedule (deliverables deadlines, content of the practices), as well as the points distribution is attached as a PDF file.

The practice time schedule is as follows:

  1. Semester project assignment, examples, rules for getting credits
    • D1 submission (Sun 25.9. 2011 24:00 + 4 hours)
    • consultation with semester project supervisor
  3. Preparation for D2 (problem description)
    • D2 submission (Sun 9.10. 2011 24:00 + 4 hours)
  4. Feedback on D2, preparation for D3 (design I)
  5. Individual work on the project, testing methods (EE, CW, user tests)
  6. Development environment configuration, Hello World application
  7. Individual work on the project
    • D3 submission (Sun 6.11. 2011 24:00 + 4 hours)
  8. Feedback on D3, preparation for D4 (design II)
  9. P1 presentation of the best D3 (4-5 students)
  10. Individual work on the project
  11. Individual work on the project
  12. Individual work on the project
    • D4 submission (Sun 11.12. 2011 24:00 +4 hours)
  13. Presentation of final design II
  14. Credits

Short description of deliverables and points:

  • D1: project description [3p]
    • title
    • short description (10 sentences)
    • user target group
  • D2: problem description [7p]
    • users
    • activities
    • system support (what and how)
    • what activities and in which detail will be supported
    • target devices
    • context
      • mobile aspects of the future system (LBS used, environment, usage setups)
  • D3: design I [20p]
  • D4: design II [30p]

The deadlines for the deliverables submission is strict. Maximum delay is 24 hours with penalty -20% of available points (D1 -1p; D2 -1p; D3 -4p; D4 -6p). Delay longer than 24 hours results in 0 points what means no credits.


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