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The detail information about the practice time schedule (deliverables deadlines, content of the practices), as well as the points distribution is attached as a PDF file.

The practice time schedule is as follows:

  • W1: Semester project assignment, examples, rules for getting credits
  • W2: [D1] submission (Sun 26.9./Tue 28.9.), preparation for [D2] - problem description
  • W3: [D2] submission (Sun 3.10./Tue 5.10.), Preparation for [D3] - design I
  • W4: [D2] feedback, Preparation for [D3] - design I
  • W5: Individual work on the project, testing methods (EE, CW, user tests)
  • W6: Consultation of D3 - prototype and evaluation
  • W7: [D3] submission (Mon 1.11.), individual work on the project
  • W8: [D3] feedback
  • W9: Individual work on the project
  • W10: [D3] presentation [P1]
  • W11: Individual work on the project
  • W12: [D4] submission (Mon 6.12.), presentation of final design II
  • W13: Presentation of final design II
  • W14. Credits

Short description of deliverables and points:

  • D1: project title and short description [5p]
  • D2: problem description [10p]
  • D3: design I [25p]
  • D4: design II [35p]

The deadlines for the deliverables submission is strict. Maximum delay is 24 hours with penalty -20% of available points (D1 -1p; D2 -2p; D3 -5p; D4 -7p). Delay longer than 24 hours results in 0 points what means no credits.


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