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Zdeněk MíkovecOctober 11, 2011 0 Archive, Practice, Semester project, D3, D4, Prototype

Evaluation criteria for the prototypes (delivered in D3 and D4 deliverables) are as follows:

  • intuitive and comprehensive application
    • how intuitive the application is from the very begining of the usage (OOBE)
    • easy of use
  • context
    • how the application uses the LBS and other aspects of mobile environment
    • how the mobility of the user is incorporated into the application (usage of wireless technologies, special interaction)
    • how the application uses the user behavior patterns to make the UI more usable and efficient
  • interaction design
    • interaction design corresponds to the application, device capabilities and user needs
    • usage of special interaction techniques
  • complexity of the application
    • how complicated problem is solved; how complex is the solution
  • originality
    • originality of the whole idea or some aspect of the application (visual design, interaction design, context of use, etc.)
  • stability of the application
    • how stable is the prototype (is it possible to perform valid user tests)


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