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Zdeněk MíkovecSeptember 29, 2010 0 Archive, Practice, Deliverables, Time schedule, Semester project, D2

The deliverable D2 - problem description, should contain following parts:

  • users
    • description of existing or potential users of the system
  • activities
    • activities the user performs to achieve desired goal
  • system support (what and how)
    • what activities and in which detail will be supported
    • target devices
  • context
    • mobile aspects of the future system (LBS used, environment, usage setups)

The document should be in a form of text document (PDF preferable) of 1 A4 lenght.

Do not forget to include the title and short description (D1) into this document.

Send the document via email to your teacher (the server EDUX is not working).

Deadline is: Sun 3.10. 24:00  (Wednesday courses) / Tue 5.10. 24:00 (Friday courses)


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