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Deliverable D4: Final Implementation (25 points + 5 points presentation)

The goal of the D4 is to create final implementation of the important part of D3 prototype. The selected part should be implemented fully and must demonstrate usage of life data (e.g. communication with servers, sensors etc.) or advanced user interaction (e.g. gestures, animation, sensitivity on screen orientation, usage of accelerometers, etc.)

The D4 document should contain following information:

  1. Prototype
    • running on the platform without errors
    • complexity
      • covers important part of D3 with implementation of all necessary details
      • complex usage of life data (communication with servers, sensors, etc.) or advanced user interaction (gestures, animation, sensitivity on screen orientation, usage of accelerometers, etc.)
      • interesting user interaction and usage of context
      • NOTE: Do not solve admin stuff (login, settings, initial data input)
    • follows general UI guidelines (visual, interaction)
    • follows selected heuristics (consistency, error recovery, user feedback)
  2. Informal testing with findings and recommendations
    • NOTE: one participant per team member
  3. Report
    • build and source code (well structured and commented) uploaded
    • prototype documentation
      • describe what was created: screen shots (with description), functionality, HW/SW technologies used
      • interesting implementation problem
    • well structured and stylistically correct
  4. Presentation
    • mandatory, without presentation now better classification than F
    • start with demo of your application
    • present key features of your solution
    • more pictures less text
    • do not go into implementation details
    • 10 minutes presentation (demo + 5 slides)
    • upload the slides 1 day before presentation

The submission deadline for Presentation is: Tuesday 16.12.2014 + 4 hours.

The submission deadline for D4 is: Monday 22.12.2014 + 4 hours.

Please submit the document at: (before submission register your self with university user name)

Instruction for submission can be found at


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