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Ivo MalyFebruary 16, 2015 0 Practice, Deliverables, Description, D3

Deliverable D3: (Mid-fi) Electronic prototype (18 points)

The goal of D3 is to create electronic prototype based on paper/electronic mockups. The prototype should fulfill UI design defined in mockup, follow general UI guidelines, provide illusion of functional application and must be presented on the selected platform.

The D3 document should contain following information:

  • Both document and prototype
  • Prototype documentation
    • describe what was created
      • screen shots with description
    • describe all main states (screens) of prototype
    • explain decisions made during the design
  • Informal testing
    • perform at least 1 user test per team member
    • do not forget to write down findings and recommendations

The submission deadline is: Sunday 26.4.2015 + 4 hours.

Please submit the document at: (before submission register your self with university user name)

Instruction for submission can be found at


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