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Ivo MalyFebruary 16, 2015 0 Practice, Deliverables, Description, D2

Deliverable D2: Paper/electronic mockup (13 points)

The goal of D2 is to create paper/electronic mockups based on analysis of the design principles (UI guidelines) of selected mobile platform.

The D2 document should contain following information:

  • Analysis of the design principles (UI guidelines/patterns) of selected mobile platform
    • extract the relevant rules/principles for your project
  • Paper mockup of the future application for each problem solved (can be prepared using electronic tools)
    • upload at least 1 mockup of whole application with description per team member
    • follow the UI guidelines and cover all selected problems
  • Informal testing
    • perform at least 1 user test per team member
    • do not forget to write down findings and recommendations

The submission deadline is: Sunday 29.3.2015 + 4 hours.

Please submit the document at: (before submission register your self with university user name)

Instruction for submission can be found at


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