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The deliverable D4 (Design II) should contain the prototype, the evaluation of the prototype and the final documentation.

The deadline is Sun 11.12. 2011.

Prototype creation

The criteria for the prototype were described in the article .


For evaluation one of two following method is available (students of 6 credit version must chose user test):

  • heuristic evaluation
    • min. 2 experts (both external)
  • user test (obligatory for 6 credit PDA version)
    • min. 2 users from the target group (NOT designers)


The report should contain following parts:

  • prototype documentation
    • what was created and why (screen shots, description and explanation of decisions made during the design)
    • package with the prototype (file of the electronic prototype)
  • evaluation documentation
  • evaluation preparation
  • test setup (including photo documentation)
  • data collected (audio, video, log files, screen capture)
    • large files should be placed in some private place and a link should be provided
  • analysis and interpretation
  • recommendations for the final implementation phase (which is not part of this semester project)

The report must be formally correct. It must be structured in chapters and sub-chapters. It must be stylistically correct (proofreading is recommended, formal and technical language should be used and right terminology chosen). The text must be easy to read and the ideas of the author should be clearly stated.

The final document must contain all the parts (D1, D2, D3 and D4). You can either put together already existing documents, or use already integrated documents if available.


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