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The deliverable D3 (design I) should contain the prototype and the evaluation of the prototype.

Upload all the required files on the web .

The deadline is Sunday 6.11. 2011 24:00 + 4 hours).

Prototype creation

The criteria for the prototype were described in the article .


For evaluation one of two following method can be chosen:

  • heuristic evaluation
    • min. 2 experts (including yourself)
  • user test
    • min. 3 users from the target group (NOT designers)


The report should contain following parts:

  • prototype documentation
    • what was created and why (screen shots, description and explanation of decisions made during the design)
    • package with the prototype (scan of the paper prototype; file of the electronic prototype)
  • evaluation documentation
    • evaluation preparation
    • test setup (including photo documentation)
    • data collected (audio, video, log files, screen capture)
      • large files should be placed in some private place and a link should be provided
    • analysis and interpretation
    • recommendations for D4 (High-Fidelity prototyping)


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