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Ivo MalyFebruary 16, 2015 0 Lecture, Time schedule, Menu, Outline

The time schedule of the lectures is as follows:

  1. Semester projects; Principles I: Introduction [Ivo Malý]
  2. Development, Android [Jan Balata]
  3. Principles II: Screen space, Screen size and shape, Information grouping [Zdeněk Míkovec]
  4. Development, iOS [Michal Švácha]
  5. Usability testing in mobile environment [Ivo Malý]
  6. Voice UI for mobile applications [Tomáš Macek - IBM]
  7. Principles III: Information packing, lists,scrolling [Zdeněk Míkovec]
  8. Easter
  9. Development, Windows 8 - multi-device environment [Václav Jírovský, Václav Dajbych, Microsoft]
  10. Principles IV: Mobile web, exploiting context [Zdeněk Míkovec]
  11. Principles V: New technologies, sensors, interactions [Ivo Malý]
  12. Development, Windows Phone 8 [Václav Jírovský, Václav Dajbych, Microsoft]
  13. Android Wear [David Vávra]
  14. Beyond traditional UI: CHI 2014 minutes [Ivo Malý]

For classification rules see http://pda.felk.cvut.cz/lecture-time-schedule-menu-outline .

Official web page in the KOS system: http://www.fel.cvut.cz/education/bk/predmety/13/99/p1399506.html .


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