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Java ME

Martin Rýzl - Úvod do Java Micro Edition - AVC ČVUT - Audiovizuální centrum studentů ČVUT
Video z přednášky - Martin Rýzl - Úvod do Java Micro Edition v NetBeans IDE
J2ME – Vývoj aplikací – - seriál o vývoji aplikací v java ME
The Java ME Platform - the Most Ubiquitous Application Platform for Mobile Devices
Java Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME) - informace o Java ME
Java ME Open Source Software
Open Source software v Java ME - dostupné i nejrůznější knihovny
Java ME Technology APIs & Docs
Dokumentace API, profilů, konfigurací a Java Specification Request (JSR)
The Java Community Process(SM) Program - JSRs: Java Specification Requests - List of all JSRs
Přehled JSR rozhrani pro Java ME
Getting Started with the FileConnection APIs
This tutorial provides a code-intensive introduction to the FileConnection APIs. This optional package enables J2ME-based applications to create, read, and write files and directories located on mobile devices and external memory cards.
Threads and networking in J2ME
This tutorial teaches you how to use threads in MIDlets to communicate over a network connection.


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