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How To - Send SMS text messages between two BlackBerry Smartphone Simulators

Auto start of application after startup
In JDE, project properties, tab Application, check option Auto-run on startup
BlackBerry Development using Netbeans
Odkaz dodal váš kolega Jiří Chadima
Registration for BlackBerry Development
BlackBerry Java Development Environment
Download of JDE
BlackBerry - Smartphone Simulators
Use BlackBerry® Smartphone Simulators v4.6.1 -> BlackBerry® Device Simulators v4.6.1.272 (8520)
devX - Build Your First BlackBerry Java App
Simple tutorial for Hello World application
BlackBerry - BlackBerry Developer Zone
Get tools and resources, and learn more about developing for the BlackBerry smartphone.
BlackBerry - Resources
Information resources for the BlackBerry smartphone.
BlackBerry - Manuals and Guides for Developers
BlackBerry - Development Tools And Downloads
Programming the BlackBerry With J2ME
Running Existing MIDlets on the BlackBerry.
User Guide for BlackBerry Curve 8520 Smartphone


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